973G Teasers/Reveal

We will be releasing teasers of our robot up until the final reveal on Monday April 18th.

This is Proto-Potato V5
October-November 2015
“It was so good it didn’t even need flywheel code to shoot at 20 bps”

Such Grey. Much Doge.

The hood… The. Hood. Such beauty, such elligance.

So beautiful.

This… This is perfection.
#BangBangCode #BetterThanAtDowneyScrimmage

Man, its only missing a double ratchet catapult.
#chezydrive #bangbangbangbangbang #downey #worldsbb

Day 2-
This is Proto-Potato V6
November-Early December
“Stick hood too good”

That is a monster of an intake.


I wanna see the hopper…

“More Wheels more Points”

  • Austin 973

That hood looks even better than the last one. Why were there wheels of to the side instead of with the other wheel in the middle?

This isn’t an official Austin quote.

We wanted more inertia for the whole fly wheel without changing how the middle wheel touches the ball

Day 3-
This is Proto-Potato V7
December-Early January
“Scored 8 balls in auto in December”

“Needs more bolts”
Austin -973

pshhhh thats probably why they dont work on yours

Robot tips in the finals for driver loads

The hood looks better, and that intake is a monster.

What was your obsession with these INSANE intakes! :stuck_out_tongue:

We wanted a wide enough intake to funnel balls in any configuration that they may be on the field.