974x 2.0 Lift Comments?

We have made some changes to our lift design to make people more comfort with being lifted by our robot and would like some community input. Would these changes make your team more comfortable being lifted? What would make you uneasy about mounting our lifter?

Thanks for the input.

We have also considered @Error404:Robot Not Found suggestion of something to keep the robots from falling off the back of the robot.

I feel that most teams will be reluctant to lift with you, when they realize that their robot will be sideways. At least, if I am understanding the lift concept correctly.

974X has lifted in the finals matches of the last two tournaments, including my robot as well as my sister team’s robot. If a robot is built properly, there are no issues lifting another robot.

I would be uneasy, but I don’t think it would be justified and I would go for the lift anyway. I am just nervous about my robot falling from any height. We were lifted very slowly and safely and I was still scared. That just wasn’t the rational side of my brain, so I ignored it.

There is always risk that comes into play when being lifted. Thank you for the comments. My team is mainly worried that teams will not want to lift simply because they are uneasy about it. We are trying to add some safety features to help insure safety with the more cherished national and worlds robots.