974X Cyberbrains Worlds Complete Reveal

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Other than some of our auton’s, We have no more secrets.
Feel free to ask anything you want, but if you would like help with a robot, please PM me or post in a separate thread. We love to help, we just want to reserve this for comments and Q&A. Thanks!

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It still looks great, but I can’t really tell what’s different from your previous reveal other than the improved lift platform.
What did you do?

I still can’t believe how well that lift works.

A lot of it has stayed the same.
Here are the things we have improved.

  • Modular lift platform
  • 2x fast intake
  • We’ve added code that helps us compensate for many broken parts. (If an encoder or chain brakes, or a sensor wire gets cut, code will compensate to switch to secondary encoder or double speeds depending)
  • Stronger main lift supports and stronger kick stands.
  • Many new strategic and high scoring autons (up to 55 points).
  • Increased lift compatibility and safety feature.
  • More accurate and faster shooting.

This reveal was also to show our season achievements and to explain some of the things we were not willing to share in the middle of the season.

Do you have any video of the 55 point auton?

Yes! We recorded this before we increased the speed of our intake. It is still very similar. It normally averages a score of about 45. It almost always makes all the balls it picks up.

We have also used this autonomous on a lot of our high scoring matches. Find them on our YouTube Channel.
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I can tell you guys are hard workers. When I saw your state reveal, I thought in my head that this thing is flawless, and you guys still improved it. Wonderful robot! Good luck at worlds.

Way to go guys! That is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see it at worlds! You guys are awesome! Also, you picked up five balls in that auton, i don’t know if you fixed that or not but I just thought I’d say something just in case because getting dq’d for 5 balls would totally suck :confused: for real though, awesome! I love it

This is defenately one of my favorite robots!
I love the fold out/expanding base, and the lift system in general!
I’m gonna come see you guys at world’s and best of luck on your matches!

This is a really really amazing robot! That lift is awesome! I wish you guys luck at the championship!

Is that small kicker powered with a piston? And if so, how do you keep it from running out of air?

Could you elaborate more on the fail safes and backups you have? Are they mechanical, programming or both? Do they kick in during a match or are they back up components you can switch out after a match when something has gone wrong?

I have always liked the whole robot except the drive and how slow it was. So one question is: what is your average balls you score from around the field? and, how heavy is your robot? (21 lb.?)

May I ask how you guys were able to get a fire rate that fast. We have similar accuracy but can only get around 1bps

I would assume PID

Interestingly, 974x was running bang bang until recently, yet had an extremely accurate and fast shooter. However, I believe they just implemented one for the US open and worlds.

Why do your motors sound like that? They sound so different from any others I’ve heard. Yeah mine are near silent when at max speed aside from lexan rattling, but yours are super high pitched with some oscillations in pitch.

That’s their speaker that you are hearing.

The single acting piston only expands partially per shot. We also have a regulator on it. The lifting and loading reservoirs are separated during competition and combined during skills and when we know we are not going to lift. With a single reservoir, we can shoot over 80 shots with 100psi. over 150 with combined reservoirs.

The fail safes are mostly programmed features that allow us to compensate a part that has malfunctioned. Obviously we have done our best to build things as they will not break, but things always happen. Firstly, if both encoders are not within 6 ticks of each other, the speaker will beep letting us know.
If an encoder breaks, it will simply rely on the second encoder for speed. If a chain has broken, we push a button and all powers are doubled, effectively compensating for the non spinning flywheel.

The robot is slow. That is the weakness of this robot. For the most part we make up for this with other things though like being able to shoot from so many points on the field accurately and lifting in such short amount of time. We will often get 11-16 balls in the high goal before doing preloads and lifting. In this match from state,

we scored about as much from the field as the fielding robot we were allianced with. We weigh 28 pounds.

Consistent entrance angle and tuned compression are most important for accuracy. Most people require at least 5 flywheel motors to shoot the speed we do. Our pneumatic loader helps reduce the energy needed to fire the ball by accelerating it before it even hits the flywheels. We have played around with a lot of velocity controllers over the year. for most of the year, we have used what we call a 2 stage (4 power) bang bang controller. It starts out with powers of (0-127). When it gets within a threshold of the target, it switches to the second stage, more narrow values that were tuned for every shot.
For our full court, we are now playing with a 0-127 bang bang and PI controller. Both of which have worked well and have pros and cons.

Yes, we have a speaker that plays the pitch of the flywheel speed variable times 26. It can be helpful when driving so that you can actually hear what the flywheel is doing so that you can be most efficient with all the time you have. But, it is mostly just a fun feature. A lot of people have come up to us asking what was wrong with our flywheel, or asking if we had done something illegal to our motors :).

how many pistons are being utilized for the lifting mechanism itself? Amazing job, can’t wait to see it at worlds