974x Double High Lift In Colorado 514 combined!

Here is an awesome qualification match with us (974x) against 1826 Fuse and a Kent Denver team on each alliance. Just thought I’d share this as it was a really cool match to be a part of.

Red: 297 Blue: 217
Combined: 514

Comments are welcome.

That’s pretty cool. Just judging from the fact that there looks to be a half decent risk of being dropped while lifting, have you ever been in situations where it would be more effective to block the opponents lift than lift yourself?

It was a great match. I’m glad I got to watch the match in person.

I don’t think Cyber Brains have ever dropped a robot, at least in competition.

No, because we have been the only team in the state able to perform a lift until this competition. The alliance that is trying to lift normally finds a way to get around the defending team in the end any way. It also is usually more productive making your own points than trying to defend others from getting points. Especially with our slow ground speed.

It’s really hard to block a lift, as there are serious risks involved.

Otherwise, WOW. This match was incredible, and I’m glad to see 974X still improving there robot. It was impressive from the beginning of the year, and is still impressive.

We’ve seen multiple instances where teams have been DQ’d in elimination matches for interfering with lifts. I agree; it’s better to lift your partner than to risk blocking the lift - plus, the time you spend blocking the lift is time you can spend scoring more balls.

Is it just me, or at 2:24 in the front of the screen, does that look like Kim Jong Un.

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How have you seen the robot from the beginning of the year? Are you a part of a Colorado team? Nope Virginia.

You did a reveal earlier this year which showed off the robot in December. That is when our season basically starts because the teams that suck, stay low, or copy better robots, and good robots experiment with what may work for states or worlds.

Are you guys a high school or middle school team?

High school team with a sophomore and senior member.

How exactly are you lifting them? In NJ i don’t think one robot has been lifted all year and I’ve seen many robots attempt to build lifts and they mostly have run into problems.

Here is our mid season reveal. We are going to post our Final reveal in March. We have made a few changes and are planning more.

Wow great design! Good luck in the remainder of the season.