974x More Competition Footage

Here is the video of the finals match of the competition we attended with a high lift. We also have a 40 point autonomous we did in the semi finals. We decided to just shoot off the pre loads during finals so that we didn’t waste time lining back up.

We were going to show our 258 point skills run, but know we can do better. We made a silly mistake in the code.
We will probably share a skills video after this Saturday if people are interested.

Great job! I haven’t seen that lift up close, but I would be uncomfortable with having my robot lifted like that, lol.

Neither would I actually… For 50 points though I guess it could take a little abuse but still it seems a little violent…

do you have anything to block a robot falling off the back when lifted?

We have cross braces all along the back of the lifter. This lift was done with a 13 pound robot. With our 5 stage lift, we where unable to high lift them so we decided to go with 2 stages. They ended about 16 inches from the ground. We are going to program a mid-weight lifting program by decreasing the time between the stages. May seem a little violent at times, but it is safe and extremely time efficient. The only time we have ever dropped anything is when dealing with our empty 6 pound cooler. We can throw it over our head in the right setting.

We are also open to suggestions though.
What do you guys think would make more teams willing to be lifted by us? Just a smoother lift?

Well i’m thinking that quite a lot of peoples robot’s can’t handle being horizontal mine can’t because the weight of my robot would be resting on the first stage of my intake or my flywheel and bend the axles. Also although i perfectly believe you won’t throw anyone maybe when the lift opens out some pieces can open at the 18 inch high mark at the top of the lift so it is more like a box that can be driven into and when lifted it is a U shape. Not sure if that makes sense please say if it doesn’t and i’ll draw a diagram

Good consideration.

No, I get it. Right now we are not really worried about robots falling off the back of the robot. What would adding the extra top support help with exactly. Just that much more assurance that they are not going to fall off? We have considered unfolding rails.

What kind of things could accommodate for delicate robots like yours?

We got a 296 point skills this past weekend. Here is the video. We accidentally spit out a bonus ball. Oh well. We will try again this weekend.

Wow… That is quite the robot. Where do you guys go from here?

I’m not sure what you mean.

I don’t mean to answer for someone else, but I also am curious.
I think he means what are you going to do to improve it? (Other then a safer lift) With a robot like that you only have so much room to improve. (Obviously there’s many way to improve every robot) But you know what I mean.

We are mainly working on getting our programmers skills over 300 and scoring more more consistently in autonomous. We also are graphing our flywheel velocities in order to tweak our velocity control quite a bit. Other than that we are doing a lot of driving practice. We are also going to give our robot a nice black and green color scheme for nationals.
We have a lock to keep the chassis open, but we are probably going to take it off to decrease weight and complexity of folding it back up. Robots are high maintenance this year.
Then our final in depth reveal. We have a few extra things that we are going to only disclose in this final reveal (and competition video’s throughout the season).

Here is an awesome video of our last Saturday’s competition. This was the most nerve wracking round I have ever been a part of. Watch it on youtube to see final scores.

check out our channel to watch finals match 1 and 2.

I would be worried about that lift damaging our robot.

So you are aloud to hand load during skills antonymous

yes, 32 balls from each loading zone.