97917A Worlds Qualification

Recently I was re-watching some old footage, which of course included this video:

Judging by the almost 30,000 views, I can be fairly certain that a lot of teams have been inspired by their claw design, which seems to be the oldest hybrid claw. I scrolled down to the comments section, in which the top post (pinned by @Elizabeth ) reads:

I’m a bit confused as to what exactly he means, but Robot Events says they did indeed win excellence at the Asia Pacific (https://www.robotevents.com/robot-competitions/vex-robotics-competition/RE-VRC-16-1630.html) and not registered for worlds. I know that many people in this community, including me, have been inspired by this robot, and it is definitely sad that they have not been given the opportunity to go to worlds when they have clearly earned it. RECF, if you are reading, please give this team a chance.

I’m not going to say anything too specific since I don’t know their circumstances in detail, but it’s definitely a shame not to see them at Worlds should that be the case.

did they forget to register? and passed the deadline?

I totally agree. They seem like a really high caliber team if their robot was that good all the way back in late November… It’d be a real pity for them not to be able to go to worlds.

What I know of the situation in china is kind of bits and pieces. And mostly not directly from the horse’s mouth.

I hope recf can correct me if I am wrong - but what I heard was that China was given 50 (or 60) spots for worlds (both hs and ms combined). Recf basically left it to China to decide how the spots are going to be allocated.

And there are a lot of behind the scene movement and happenings that most of us are not aware of, that will affect which teams are going to worlds.

During last year APAC, 8065/66 won the excellence award for ms.
The organiser actually asked if that one spot (that should be awarded to excellence award) can be taken from SingVex allocation!

I think this speaks of a bigger issue that has been bugging many of us - the way worlds spots are being allocated.

If it is true that the entire China was only given 50 spots , then it really doesn’t made sense, especially now we are seeing the California teams are making it to worlds via sportsmanship awards.

I am not against the California teams. But I am just speaking up against the illogical allocation of spots in general.

I know recf says we need to grow our region… but I really don’t see how this is encouraging growth in regions that are outside USA.
If you still can’t go to worlds despite being the excellence award winner in APAC, I really don’t see how is this going to encourage you to continue with Vex in the following year.
And the rate that is is going, it will not be a true world-scale competition anymore… it will be attended by mainly USA teams. They will need to rename world championship to something else.

Sigh… think there goes all the goodwill I have cultivated with recf so far… :frowning:

Hi, I’m glad that you are inspired by this video, and I’m sure team 97917 is too!

You see, the thing with VEX is, a lot of the strong teams don’t get to go to worlds because of either unlucky/interfering with FRC.

I have seen too many stories about Chinese VEX teams fighting for spots (or other parts of the world in that sense too), and it occurs to me that there is really no good way of distributing the Worlds spots fairly. With that being said, I do believe some place are fairer than the others, and China really isn’t the case here.

In China, they are aware that a lot of you guys (a.k.a foreigner teams) thinks that all Chinese robots look alike. So to prevent it from happening this year, they tweaked the rule a bit: No two robots that look alike in the shapes/form can be in the top 8 (alliance captain), and the ref. determines it.

I’m just generally confused about what’s going on with the robotics community at this point. I don’t see how that China only rule will help prevent some organizations from getting the very few Worlds spots in China, since the top 8 captain can pick the look-alike robot as alliance… There is also this rule about you can’t pick a team that’s in your province.

There is some truth to China being corrupted, and it seems to me that they are trying to change it but at the same time they are not. I have the will to change it but I don’t have the power to. I didn’t follow up with 97917 since I can’t even take care of my own team.

But I guarantee that you will see some very very strong Chinese teams at worlds (and many of them under one organization). Whether those teams deserve to go or not, they did somehow manage to get the spots somewhat fairly, through competing. The real question however is did the team actually participated in the building process (I’ll just leave my conclusion like this I guess).

Looks like 97917A has indeed registered for worlds. Thank you!

This is great news! We also were first inspired for our claw design by this team.