98548A robotNer⁴ds - New Years Reveal

New Years reveal of mid-season rebuild!
We are team 98548A robotNer⁴ds from Bear River High School in Garland, Utah.

Robot Specs:
4 Motor Drive
2 Motor Ring System
1 Motor Four Bar Lift
1 Motor Six Bar Lift
Single Acting Pneumatic Goal Tilter
Dual Acting Pneumatic Goal Clamps

Instagram: @98548a_robotnerrrrds

If you have any questions about the robot don’t hesitate to ask.


why 2 motors for rings seams excessive

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We are using two at 600 rpm, we had the extra motor and decided to put it on to give the ring system some extra power.


You said you had a 4 motor drivetrain, yet you can still park successfully, probably because of your gear ratio. Is that something you struggled with, or is it something that you can do consistently in a match?
If so, that seems like quite an efficient robot.

Good luck in your future tournaments!

Sorry, I don’t have eyes

4 motor drive 200 rpm 4 inch wheels is plenty of torque for parking with 2 goals. Our team can park with 3 no probably with the same torque.


Very nice robot. Probably the only big disadvantage would be the lack of speed with the 6 motor drive.

Yup this is exactly right!

We originally had the drive at 280 rpm which was a good speed but it couldn’t climb


I am so happy I am not in high school.


Probably the best robot for skills I’ve seen yet. The ability to lift 2 goals and do rings gives you a ton of available points. Really cool robot all round.


good bot


Yup, that is the main reason we rebuilt, we could only get 311 driver skills so we needed to add a ring mechanism to up that.

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WARNING TO ALL: Do not click the link depicted in the comment below, it’s not an actual step by step guide…

(Image Redacted, Was a Picture of Youtube Comment containing link to vid with a very loud screamer jump scare vid)

Do you guys mind explaining what you guys posted in the comments? I’m actually shook… Is that actually one of your teammates?

Cool robot guys, like the sideskirts a lot!


No it is not a member of team 98548a, but I am pretty sure the person who did do it wants to remain anonymous. @Robotnerd you should probably delete the comment on the video.

Edit: It appears it has already been deleted.

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Hey! Thanks for the comment! Would you mind dming me what happened? I don’t have any other teammates posting comments on YouTube though…

It’s always a good day when you can use something that is necessary and make it look cool :sunglasses:

Imagine having extra motors. Like what…


We have been competing as a 7 motor robot, and it works fine.

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My robot had only 7 permanent motors, we just used the extra one for preloads

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