99000A Official Leeks

My team 99000A is proud to give a leak of our new bot for the 2017-2018 Vex In the Zone competition. Please feel free to comment down below or on the video!

Youtube Link

That looks real nice!

Looks good! Goodluck to you at your competitions!

Dang. Nice autostack!


I appreciate it, got one tomorrow. You know the grind :smiley:

I think you mean hand-loading, but if by chance you mean code automated stacking then that’s not correct. This was driver control.

Well then good driver control!

This robot ended up winning the tournament today. Finals 3 score was 108 to 90. Very high score when you think of how many cones were getting taken. It looked like an NBN game where the field was getting rapidly cleared lmao.

Congratulations! Hope you guys make it to worlds. My team is stuck on what ratio to use for our chain bar, if you don’t mind can you tell us what ratio you guys use because it seems to work really well. Thank you.