9932E: Online Challenge Submissions 2019

We are a team of high school seniors on our last year of VEX Robotics from a quiet town of Jericho, New York. Join us on our final journey.

Below are all of our submissions for this year’s online challenges
Please check us out and Vote for Us!

Promote Video: “My Journey”

Link: https://challenges.robotevents.com/challenge/90/entry/6445

Universal Vision Sensor Mount:
Link: https://challenges.robotevents.com/challenge/94/entry/6619

Jericho Robotics Website:
Link: https://challenges.robotevents.com/challenge/95/entry/6649
Link to Site: https://www.jerichorobotics.com/

Insta: etin.9932e
Email: 9932e.etin@gmail.com

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