99371A Dreadnought ITZ Worlds Reveal (linear slide lift)

Illinois State Champion
4 motor drive
4 motor lift
2 motor mogo holder
1 motor four bar
1 motor rollers
17 second preloads
21 cone capacity
14 cone stationary goal
106 driver skills
WhyNot Alliance
See you guys at worlds!

This is quite possibly the most impressive robot I have seen all season.

I agree!! It’s awesome to see a team make a solid linear slide lift for VEX. Great job to you 99371A!

Absolutely. I guess that elevator lifts can be just as good (if not better than) dr4b’s when done well

“thank god they’re not in our division”
Did you guys use standoffs for the sliders?

Thank you, but no we do not use standoff’s for our sliders.

Great Work! I feel bad for anyone who has to go against you guys… Can’t wait to see you at worlds!

Love the design, can’t wait to see it at Worlds!

I like it! It’s something different and looks awesome!

I saw some videos of the Illinois championship and couldn’t believe my eyes. This robot is mineblowing. Can’t wait to see it!

You guys rub butter on your elevator lift? lol. Looks super clean!!! It’ll be fun competing with you in the Engineering Division! Good Luck

Hats off man, absolutely the best linear slide lift I’ve seen by far! And that cone capacity is absolutely nuts… I could see that coming in handy for worlds :slight_smile:

I would love to know how that amazing elevator works… maybe after Worlds? Keeping my fingers crossed!

We will be making a video explaining how we did it and going through all the protypes and things we have found after worlds.

Truly impressed… see you at worlds! :slight_smile:

This is amazing… just wondering, did you use the old (solid metal) slides or the new (with the green delrin blocks) linear slides? Our early season robot had stability problems using the newer linear slides

We did not use either of the sliders provided by vex we custom fabricated the whole elevator.

Figured as much. Both of the VEX linear slides have far too much friction.

The slides really do need a redesign as many teams don’t use them simply because of the friction. Some day I guess…

This is by far the best linear lift I’ve ever seen. Good luck at worlds!