99402C 2018 Worlds Reveal

So here is our robot that will be competing in the math division at worlds this year.


Motor Breakdown:
6 motor 1:1 HS drive
2 motor 1:5 torque lift
1 motor 1:3 HS upper 4 bar
2 motor 1:5 mobile base intake
1 motor 1:1 turbo roller intake

Hope to see y’all there!!

EDIT: The correct reveal is up now.

I might be mistaken but did you accidentally link the wrong video?
Because when I open the link it takes me to the 6671X reveal.

Thanks for the heads up

Now it takes me to my own youtube studio…

Slightly troll. :slight_smile:

Im sorry im just bad with tech, im not meaning to mess it up. It should work now.

Nice bot