99426B Preliminary CI2D hood idea (very unrefined)

This is just my initial design for the hood of a robot I was designing on CAD earlier today, it’s not a finished robot by any means but I thought I’d get it out there. One of the main ideas behind this design spawned as a conversation between me and my groupmate. Along the way one of us jokingly suggested a “scorpion” bot style intake idea. After that, we got thinking and decided that with a hood style similar to this we could score and de score at the same time.

Scorpion Hood (v5~recovered) v1
(Pardon my newbie Fusion skills)

What I’m showing is just the hood and arm portion concept, not a full design.
we were initially going to do a full ramp of the sort but kept running into the problem of hitting the height limit. There may be better ways to remedy this issue but at the time we thought that two connected arms, paired with a “half ramp” could somewhat fix this issue and also help increase ball capacity. The plan was also to use TT-style rollers to pull balls through quickly through the ramp but I still have a while before my CAD is complete.

Scorpion Hood (v5~recovered) with hood
Scorpion Hood (v5~recovered) side
(don’t mind the random standoff, it’s irrelevant)

We added a sort of shield to the top of the ramp, fearing that the balls may decide to slip out of the sides or something. The bottom was meant to be encased so that it wouldn’t need the shield. That’s all I have for right now but if there are any questions I’d be happy to answer them!


how do you plan on having it fit in the size limit?

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if you look at the second and third picture compared to the first, half the ramp hood and shield is connected to the arms which are supposed to be down at the start of the match, that way the ramp doesn’t hit the the height limit. Sorry for the confusion

How long did it take for you to model this? I might consider switching from Inventor to Fusion.

Well, it took roughly a couple of hours because I just recently switched from inventor to fusion as well because it’s so much easier to joint parts together. you should definitely switch. I’m going to use this for the CAD of my actual robot.

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So it a hood bot with arms? I’m very confused. Could you explain what this is. Are the arms there primary have that extra part of hood to fit in size because there is a way you could do that with no motors at all,

So this was a concept for the hood part of the robot before I settled on the design i’m working on right now. Basically one of my fears with this was the fact that robot wouldn’t fit in size limit. One of my solutions was to create a split hood which gets raised and acts as a way to both stay in size constraints and to prevent the balls from deflecting sideways. It was also supposed to in some ways elongate the robot, maybe add an extra ball capacity. I realize now there are better ways to achieve what I was trying to achieve but this was preliminary

Oh ,ok that is what I thought.

The arms are still potentially useful but for something else entirely :wink: but yeah the hood does not require arms to work efficiently.

Yah, because if you just wanted the hood to go up you could use a ratchet so the hood wouldn’t go back down. And then have it rubber banded to pop up when a ball pushes it up a bit. And then you could add string at the corners of the plastic to limit the amount the plastic goes backwards.

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