99999D Late Reveal

This was my first time creating a reveal video. I want to know what people thought of it and I would appreciate any tips for next season! Also if you want to ask anything about my robot go ahead and ask.


What was your decision making on going with a combination of omni wheels and tank treads. i’ve never seen that combo before. also is the diameter the same for the wheels?

tank tread has stupid good grip and omni just universally op this actually seems like a pretty good idea
omnis are 4.15 the chain probally comes pretty close depending on what kind they use
belive the sprocket is 4

My team has been together since middle school and our robots in middle school always had tank treds because it looked cool so when we designed this robot it came down to functionality or tradition so we said screw it and combined the two and the diameter for the Omni wheels and treds are probably the same we never saw any issues with size


or that…

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Yeah we had an issue with the chain being rubbed against the wheels or c channels but slap on some washers and it was fixed


I’ve edited the OP to remove the embed, and link to the reveal video, as it contains NSFW language.


A half track!! Wow, I haven’t seen one of them in years and years.

How does it really do on the climb of the platform? The video shows it getting pushed on the flat field. Do you have the rubber grip strips on the tread?

Why treads? 20characters

I’m sure that if the tank treads didn’t break the moment someone looks at them the wrong way, more people would use them. At the moment, they’re too fragile for me, and I’ve had many break over the years (not on drivetrain but on other parts of the bot).

Very interesting and creative bot though!

I don’t and never would use the treads because the omni wheels allow for much easier and frictionless turning. but they would give or theoretically should give superior grip and pushing power.

The treads we use have rubber and it does quite well on the platform it can push around 3 or 4 goals I front of it so it’s pretty powerful on the climb. It’s probably due to it being 6 motor.


It’s 6m 200rpm drive no?

I like the idea of using a locking claw on the base of your robot to lock down goals from that goal rush, but I saw you included a clip where it seemed like the goal could be twisted out of your robot. Has that happened before? How common is such a thing?

I think it might be 200 but the treads might decrease the rpm. locking clamps aren’t always 100% I’ve seen a couple locking clamps but by twisting the goal from the bottom you can release the goal from the clamp from almost all designs it really depends on what the team did for their base where the goal usually rests. This actually happened to 99999v where a team was able to knock out a goal from the bottom of their arm from their front locking clamp. It’s not very common for the goal to be snatched from a locking clamp but it can be beaten at a certain angle


If your drive isn’t able to average near its nominal free speed (you can measure the motors current speed on the V5 brain by going to devices > drivemotorport), you may be having an issue with friction. Check that your bearing blocks are parallel and that you do not have so many spacers on the shaft that you are compressing the sprockets.

Thanks for the insights into the locking claw, that’s in line with what I’ve observed from both motorized and pneumatic locking claws in my region. I think that the wider profile of a semicolon (60470s) style locking claw will definitely help in that area.

I was wondering why you and your team decided to place the locking claw on your base.

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to add on to this, the difficulty with locking clamps is to find that balance between the clamp being too lose, letting the goals get pried out, or being too tight where it can’t properly lock or release the goal. One solution my team discovered to solve this was to make the clamp relatively loose so it had no problems opening or closing, and then use some standoffs to prevent the goal from being able to twist inside the clamp. We did end up losing a goal in one match due to it being twisted so hard that the standoffs that were supposed to keep it in place actually bent and let the goal out, so these components really do need to be incredibly strong.


Our team was very inspire by your locking clamp. And like you mentioned our first version was loose and people could easily steal our goal if they knew which way to pull. to fix this we basically moved the clamp back a half inch and then added 2 screws on the main clamping portion so that the part that does the actual clamping is the screws that effectively dig into the goals and force the clamp to lock. I would be more worried about teams damaging our dr4b before worrying about the clamp coming open.