99999V Mini Reveal, Another Alternative Complex Tray

Here is a very mini reveal of 99999V’s (my team’s) previous robot.
It wasn’t the best robot, but it proves that traybots can be somewhat unique and can be improved from goofy.
It was different from a standard complex tray in that it had 8 bars instead of 2 bars.
This didn’t allow us to score the center tower, as we lost a good amount of height by keeping our intakes level, but we were able to score and descore towers from above, as well as tower swap when cubes were not fully nested in towers.

I mostly made this topic just to show that traybots can be developed farther than the basic complex tray, to give them a slight competitive edge.

This robot wasn’t that great, I’m sure others could build the same design but better, but it did lose finals twice, and in SoCal, that’s a pretty good achievement.

I had a much better idea, and so this robot is no longer intact, but I have more pictures and can answer any questions you may have.



This is a concept I tested in the very early season and I’m happy to see that someone was able to pull it off. I think that a design like this improves the towering of complex trays a lot. I have some questions though about the robot as a whole, and I hope you don’t mind answering:
What was your cube capacity?
Was it able to have enough space in the intake to score and descore without moving the lift at all?
Are there any plans to reach the tallest tower, or do you think it is possible?


Did mesh work well or did it catch on the cubes often?

that was the main goal, this was developed to be a sort of alternative dr4b tray, that had the capabilities of dr4b tray, but with a 4m drive. we could score and descore towers much faster than your standard tray, as well as descore fully nested cubes with ease.

9, at one point it was 11, but it didn’t work out for competition.

sorry, not sure what you mean by this, please elaborate.

well, I’m no longer pursuing this design, but there was a way of doing the center tower with it actually, we just never got around to implementing it. we could have made it so the intakes pivoted upwards when the lift was fully extended, some properly places nylon cord would have accomplished this, and the added 6 inches of height would have easily reached the center tower.
as for future plans, no leeks yet but our next bot will hopefully be able to do this.

the cubes catching on it was never an issue, its only purpose was to stop cubes from becoming misaligned in the tray, so it did its job well. I’d recommend using polycarb or zipties though, because both of those provide a cleaner and smoother tray.


Would you have been able to do this with a 6 bar or did you need the extra height?

What I like about this design is that it takes the shortcomings of traditional trays, and innovates around them. It makes trays much more well-rounded, while retaining their specialities.

Great job, 99999V! I’m excited to see where you’re going next!


It would not have been possible with a 6 bar no. If you build the 6 bar for maximum height than you probably could, but we wanted our lift to compact more so 8 bar it was.


I’m assuming this means you wanted to not have to make a deploy for the intake, correct? What turned you away from that? On another note, did you have any problems with cubes falling out of your tray? Using just angle pieces didn’t support the cubes enough when we tried that.

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No, I just wanted some space in front of my lift. Cubes could fall out if I drove recklessly but they usually didn’t.


Were u at CAMS long beach?

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Indeed we were. We ranked 3rd, allied with 62a but were defeated in finals by the first seed alliance. It was a fun event.


Lol we were literally next to you guys. Not our best comp, not the greatest of alliances in general, but we lost to first place I believe. Lmao your finals round was amazing tho!

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Why not? Did you lose speed? Compression loss? Was the tray too large to drive around?

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ah yes, I remember you guys. nice bot, dr4b with clamp right?

tipping issues, and folding issues

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