9th Annual Wildstang VEX Competition Webcast

Our webcast is live from Rolling Meadows, Illinois. Tune in below.

View on YouTube here!

Individual match videos from the Wildstang VEX Robotics Competition have been uploaded to YouTube. A playlist with all the videos is available here

Nice webcast. How did you split the event into matches for uploading? Do you just edit every match in post production?

I definitely don’t have time to do that by hand :slight_smile:

We broadcast using OBS Studio and recorded our stream to a local file as well. That resulted in one long 8 hour MKV file which thankfully was contiguous. From there, I exported the “Match Start Times” from TM under the File menu which (among other things) provides the match start time in seconds since 1970. Then, I manually found the timestamp in our recording of the start of match 1 in VLC. The last step was a short Python script that walked through the match start times in the report, calculated the start time offset in the video as well as the match length, and then ran FFMPEG in copy mode to extract out the match into its own video file without transcoding. This method worked great and perfectly chopped up the large file into individual match files in a matter of minutes.

That’s a smart way to do it compared to doing it by hand. I may try that at a future competition.

@Dave Flowerday I wonder how did you get the scores updated in the real time throughout the match?

You can do real-time scoring using TM Mobile on Android or iOS connected to Tournament Manager - some of our refs had tablets and would update the score during the match that way. They also use those tablets to submit the scores at the end of the match.

There’s details in the “TM Mobile User Guide” included with Tournament Manager.