9V Battery Use

Hi, I was wanting to use LED strips for our robot this year as just a “non-functional decoration.” I was wondering if these must be powered off of my main 7.2V battery, my power expander 7.2V battery, or the 9V backup battery. Does it matter which one it is powered off of, or can I power is using any of above batteries.

They have to be powered through the cortex; external batteries are not allowed and you can’t splice into the 7.2v batteries without illegally modifying electric components. I’m not sure if there’s been Q&A if Y-ing from the backup battery is allowed, but if you ask 99% chance it won’t.

You can either hook them up to a motor port (less common, because you lose a port) or to a digital sensor port configured as an output.

Careful on the digital ports, they are not designed to drive strings of LED’s.

digital ports can supply a maximum of 1A @ 5V to be specific

combined or individually?