9V takeover

Has anyone else experienced their 9-volt backup battery taking over their cortex when plugged into a course? The last two competitions we have attended, we have been plagued by issues connecting to the robot during a round, and unplugging our 9V battery has solved this problem. Even when we test on our home course, whenever we unplug from the tower, we need to reset the 9V to power down the cortex. We have replaced both our cortex and our 9V battery so those are not the problem. Does anyone have any clue what is going on here? We are attending a competition this Saturday and would like to be able to compete without issues. Thanks for the help in advance.

Do you mean that the Cortex doesn’t power down unless you remove the 9v battery? That is expected behavior.

Yes, that is one issue but I think the not connecting during rounds is a separate issue.

We have this problem with our 9v battery. We don’t even use it anymore because for some reason when we plug it in for a match our robot seems to almost always disconnect at random times. Maybe it was for some other reason but our mentor thought the 9v was to blame.
It seems like the answer to your problem is just to leave the 9v unplugged; it shouldn’t affect your robot performance at all. You would just need to make sure that you put a fresh 7.2v battery in for every match.