A better you in 20 days

Looks like places are doing soft openings, minor things like bowling, etc.

Looks like things will start busting out early in June. So that gives most of us that were planning great things to get done in this break to wrap them up.

I came across this list of 68 things to think about and work on. Some I knew and do, some were things I should add to my skills list.

What’s on your list of things to be completed by June 1?


This one is especially relevant to robotics :laughing: :laughing:


Don’t get corona. Not dying is the prerequisite to everything else


Bro, it ain’t that serious. I like the point though. Not dying is certainly on my list of goals for the week.


I know, it was just a joke.
Although not dying g is still a prerequisite to everything else


Do you mean Vex related or just requirements to being a succesful human? Cuz I have lengthy lists for both.

I would personally like to tie up some loose ends I left behind when I left a relationship. I don’t know how she’ll react, but I think we both need to talk about it.


Personally, I want to get better at programming (both vex and other stuff) and learn to CAD. I’ve accomplished a little on the first and nothing on the second. However, I have a lot longer than June 1st, because physical school is out for the rest of the year and the online stuff is not much work, so I will have a lot of free time until at least late August.


It’s up to you, but I’ll bet some of them are interlinked. :slight_smile:

@Railgunawesome, I also think not-dying is a good goal, but I try to be pro-active on it, staying away from people, wearing my mask on the few times I go out, make sure that we go for our 1.5 mile walk every day, touch base with important people to keep the contacts up, etc.


My goal is to get my personal business up and running better. I tie flys for fishing and I’m quite good at it so I’m trying to make a buck. Although not dying is on there to. Along with not riding the rona.

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One of my VEX projects to be accomplished by the end of May is to get SenseBot working! SenseBot is a small robot I’ve designed, built, and am programming, so that if you place it anywhere on the field it will move to the coordinates you plugged into the function in the code. It has 2 rangefinder (ultrasonic) sensors and an inertial sensor. I’ve been working on it for the last week and I am very, very close to the final version.


Nice! The final exam is how close you can get to the exact center of the 12’ x 12’ field since the ultrasonic sensors don’t have that range.

@Foster, I just want to thank you for making this thread. Most people, in Vex and elsewhere, get to a certain point in something and call it complete, whereas it takes true dedication to look at something that is near-perfection, and push it to become even closer. I think some of you will understand what I mean in Vex.


Finish strong in school, even though distance learning can be quite a challenge.
I also want to finish the cad I’ve been working on.


Yeah, that’s what the problem originally was, so that’s why the second ultrasonic sensor is there. I’d have two ultrasonic sensors on opposite sides of the robot and it’d turn 90 degrees between getting the sensor readings. It would take the reading that is the smallest and use it to calculate how far it would need to move. Here’s a schematic I drew:

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Well, I really want to get a few designs drawn for this upcoming vex season, along with strategies, learning coding, etc. I really want to get my life in better check VEX wise because that’s most important.


That is so true tho