A BIG Thank you to all volunteers, judges, staff, teams and supporters

I just want to say the BIGGEST thank you to all those who worked so hard to make this VEX season fantastic.

As rookies our team, 2901, has nothing to compare this season to but, wow, we enjoyed every minute of it. We did not make it to Dallas, you have to be 100% perfect all the time to win a regional, so we watched the games online. We were impressed with the online videos and results.

We were over the moon when Dr. Johan Potgieter of Massey University was awarded Volunteer of the Year as it is through his selfless support that VEX has achieved such a strong footing in New Zealand. Thanks must also go to his wife for supporting him in letting him use up so much of his family time on the weekends. We really appreciate her sacrifice and support. :slight_smile: Also the Massey students who gave up their weekends to run the scrimages,you guys and gals rock.

We can only guess at how much time was spent getting it ready and running it. Nobody notices the hard work when everything goes so smoothly.

Our vote, and I am sure many other’s votes of thanks go to all the unsung heroes of VEX both here in New Zealand and across the world!