A big Thanks to EC3 and 6135

The 8059 will be making our ultra long flight back to Singapore tomorrow morning.

And on behalf of all Singapore teams, we would like to shout a big thanks to EC3 and 6135 for hosting us on 13 and 14 April.

Even though the 8059 couldn’t turn up on time (we were still waiting for 5 pieces of delayed luggages on 14 Apr) for a proper scrimmage with 6135, we were definitely impressed by the facility and setup of EC3, and most importantly, the friendliness and helpfulness of 6135 members.

I am sorry that we turned up at the centre looking ill-prepared and unready. The delayed luggages contained half of our batteries, chargers, joysticks, etc.

But you guys have been really wonderful. And we are glad that the 6135 has a good run in this year Worlds.

Hope to see everyone again next year… and now… time to go praying for no delayed luggages this time round…