A Brief History of the VEX Forum


Howdy folks - its been a while!

I’ve been keeping busy Mentoring an FRC team, so haven’t had much time to dabble in VEX EDR these days. Looks like I pretty much skipped over the 2nd generation forum :wink:

– Dean



Welcome back! Come back to the VEX side – we have cookies!



Oh my. I guess I am in the last group of high school students to remember the old forum. Still can’t mentally get away from that stunning red and gray colour scheme (and rock solid stability)!

Diclosure is a nice change - I really never particularly liked the styling and format of esoTalk anyways…

You could add some milestones. The HTML vulnerability in EsoTalk signatures comes to mind (and the instilled chaos afterwards).



Dean / Quazar is back! I miss your tight PIC code using every 22ms loop to its fullest extent!

Regale us with what you’ve been up to!!



Well I’ve been mentoring an FRC team which has consumed all of my robotics time for the last several years. We just finished our season and I’ve been hearing about the new V5 control system so I thought I’d swing by to check it out.



Hail, hail, the gang’s all here! And I do miss the v-bulletin format.



Nice, thanks for putting this together. I’m definitely considered forum youth, but even I remember browsing the original forum (skyrise really was that long ago…)



Yes! I had a serious mentor crush on @ManicMechanic, the documents she wrote were so helpful to me and my teams back when I was starting out. She is one of the many mentors that helped make so many teams great!

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I didn’t join until much later like until 2013-2014… but I remember lurking on the old forums and seeing all the old mentors and wealth of knowledge, especially during the PIC era.

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Yes, @Quazar is your go to guy on wringing cycles out of the PIC Processor. Posts and a ton of emails on ho to create driver control loops on the PIC