A bug i found in the box coding

when i try to do a pin turn it will just go backwards
Screenshot 2020-11-13 at 11.45.55 AM

Try reversing one of the motors directions in motor setup.


thanks for the suggestion but it did not work

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@74656A 's suggestion was good , but you have stated it did not work.

Without seeing the rest of your code, this forum can’t be of much help. The code you have shown us looks to be fine, so the bug is probably elsewhere. If you would like some more assistance, I would suggest you post your entire code.

This is assuming that the bug is in your code, which is substantially more likely than a bug in VEXcode V5, simply because VEXcode V5 is the creation of great programmers like JPearman and others. However, it is possible that there is a bug in VEXcode V5. If your code is all correct (something that we would need to see the rest of your code to verify), then this is more of an issue for JPearman.

TL;DR It would help if you posted your entire code, since the code you have posted looks fine.


here is the entire code

Does the turn only not work on that specific instance that you posted at the beginning?

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yes that is correct it is only that turn

First of all, I believe that all of the statements regarding stopping the motors is is extraneous, as the motor will automatically stop once the line of code has run through.
Second of all, what do the my blocks do? That might be the reason why it doesn’t work.


they are there to shorten the code but they are there as a swing turn

Can you upload the program file rather than a screenshot?

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it said a new user cant upload files very sorry

I changed your status, try uploading the project now.