A Challange

Ok, This is a Challange i have thought of through out the week.
The challange is a Robot made of Vex ( dont have to use all vex you may use what you want) To move some amount of gravel to one place then dig a hole into the area which your robot has remove the gravel from. You cannot attach something then take it off it all has to be a part of the robot.


You should specify the size of the hole and amount of gravel to be moved since you could just scrap the dirt and say I’ve dug a hole. Also I doubt many people will want to use their robots outside in the dirt, and it’s winter so you can’t really try this for a while.

There is lots of states in America that does not snow or anything so the weather should be fine for this challange.
The hole can be 2 to 2 inches deep and a width of 1 to 2

i would not want to get the vex in the dirt or mud in fear of ruining pieces.

Stop being panzy’s robots are made to make every day easier for humans.
Vex is all about being creative and useing intellect.
If we are so worried about damageing are vex bot then what is the point of haveing it?
Its no fun to build a robot that just rolls around. I have made lots of bots that are dangerous to do but all my pieces still work fine.
I have made a Robot that launches a ping pong with a rocket motor.
Also made a Flamethrower useing a candle and WD-40. so stop complaining about oh its unsafe or it will messed up my robot if i do that.

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I agree with ID Miller.

so is anyone going to even attempt this challange or no?

I don’t think many teams will be wanting to go through with this challenge mainly because, who wants their fragile and expensive VEX materials to get dirty with dirt and other outside things floating around getting into their equiptment. Who wants to clean their machines off, that takes hours of work to biuld that, make up the idea, have the challenge, and then have to take it all aprt to clean, and maybe put it back together as a memorial, certainly not me.

you could probably to avoid getting the metal dirty, cover it with cardboard or maybe just paper/plastic wrap.

but then you’re holding back on what the robot can do.

I agree that this challenge appears to be a waste of time. the time it would take you to build such a robot would be lengthy and the weight of the robot would have to be fairly signifigant to break through the ground. At the same time the strenght required would be immense and possibly overwhelming for some Vex components. If you have the spare parts go for it but there are far more consequences than rewards and I can think of many improvements I can make to my competition robot before I would spend time on this challenge. The challenge is thought out though and would be interesting to complete just not with Vex maybe like an autonomous skid-steer loader would be more appropriate