A challenge for those who r willing

after a long summer of blank ideas cause i havent been inspired much
i finally though of an idea to make a great suspension or all terain vehicle
i would build but im short a servo double cables and cash as usual
anybody who feels they are capable of building can compete
when your robot is done sends pictures to with your vex [email protected]
i will hold a poll on december 1st and it will go until the 25th
if your bot is still not done by the 30th of november just send the half finished bot after all half done is better than not done at all
the winner will then b announced
the bot:
1.it will be like the squarebot with one acception the chassis part that connects to the angle bar will be connected to a servo on each side of each two chassis bars which best be mounted by stand offs
2.the 4 servos will be controlled by a split cable to the two analog motor ports (1 & 4) for good control
3.To support the two angle bars a bit better i’d suggest some kind of beam or chassis bar between the two
4. Have fun and be original

nevermind i guess no one wanted to try this:(

I think that the First Tech Challenge (FTC) game kind of “grabbed” everyones attention… Keep this game idea for later…

Yeah, it is a great idea, you should though put pictures of your version of this robot. This way people can see an example and inprove it. Good Luck!

Of course, seeing an example sometimes stifles creativity. When you come into a problem “cold” with no pre-conceived notions on the solution, sometimes you come up with really cool “out of the box” options.

It is tough to innovate in any significant way when you find youself copying / improving / adjusting another solution. It is nice to start with a blank slate, sometimes.


I agree with John V. I don’t think you should give example pictures. By the way I would be happy to compete in the start of march when my FIRST season is over, sorry for the wait

i dont have any pictures cause im dont got another servo to build it

I think there should be more of a goal towards this game like trying to drive over obstacles and stuff.:smiley: