A (crazy) Theoretical Situation

Hello VexForumers!

Is it legal (hypothetically) to have a chain of zipties on the starting tile, and have it never leave the starting tile. Could you then “reel” the robot back to the starting tile and fix, etc.? What do you all think?

I think at that point you would have a large entanglement risk and would not be considered legal for that purpose. Also It would be something that would be intentionally detached to the field, therefore not able to pass inspection.

Just my .02 cents

  • Andrew

You would not pass inspection at any of my events because of the aforementioned entanglement issue.

What if the “long extending piece” was an extending arm?

I asked this of someone at the VEX Round Up World Championship right after the game was announced (thinking maybe it was Paul; not sure though) and entanglement was brought to my attention.

In this case, it would be perfectly legal (in my opinion), as long as it is structurally sound. Simply ask yourself if you think a robot driving over/into it would be an issue. (Driving over would almost definitely be an issue, so make sure whatever arm you have is maybe at least ~3" tall.) Just remember, you aren’t allowed to extend the arm by hand, so it will need to be extended by the robot during autonomous. (And/or could be extended so that at 30 seconds, you can immediately drop your Doubler Barrel/Negator Barrel into a desired goal… . ;))


Ive been thinking about this a lot during the course of the season. I asked a question on the forums, and I was told it would be an entanglement risk during gameplay, and therefore not allowed. However, what about in programming skills, where a robot cannot get entangled with it? Also, in driver skills, if it was touching the starting tile, couldn’t you match load anywhere on the field? Just a thought.

why not try it and see what happens? :slight_smile:
post your results good or bad, and if it was a success, you are another contender for the inspire award :slight_smile:

Or we could take a chance, and post this question to the Official VEX Q&A. :stuck_out_tongue: