A Day In The Life Of The Gladstone Robosavages

Hey everybody! This is my first year in vex robotics and have already fallen completely in love with the community, the game and the team. Recently 2Y, 2X and 2S went to Vancouver Island to compete in a tournament there and I thought it would be a cool idea to make a small short video. Would love to get the thoughts from the community and any improvements I could make. So here it is, Thanks for watching!

Nicely done. It was great to see the Robosavages come across the sea.
See you at provincials!

Very well put together video. Good performance and tough competition from you guys! It was awesome to see your teams on the island. Also, that editing is on point. Hope to see more in the future.

Good luck!

Thanks man! It was an absolute pleasure to come on over to the island. I hope to see you all at provincials and if there is enough support maybe a worlds vlog? :wink: