A discussion about hoods and uptakes/ indexers

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So what about the Hood/Snail and the idexer do you want to discuss? The Pros and cons? Different designs? Do you want any critiques on your robot’s design? Please be more specific.


Pros- snail op
Cons- none
Different designs- it’s called the meta for a reason
Critiques- snail is perfect

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@DRow u can close the thread now the discussion is over


Sorry about not specifying the point if the topic.
The point is that in the two months of testing with hood design i found that the hood itself is the most limiting factor in terms of consistency and hit miss rate the pictures are the design of hoods that i came up with.
The two that are on the robot i tested and i was wondering how can the hood be improved.

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how did they perform?


what was your results on testing both hoods?


We can’t exactly discuss without knowing some outcomes first.

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Ur hood could use more curviness

The problem is that when i am intaking the balls fall from the open spaces.
And secondly when i am cycling the balls will hit each other and miss.

The open spaces on the sides of the hood?

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Consider increasing the compression of the hood. You can use adhesive foams and anti slip mats

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Then add some side guards

The shape of the hood should match the curvature of the balls as well

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Something like this will solve it but i am having a bit of trouble to implement it into my robot.

with cycling.

does the first ball just not go out and cause the bottom ball to be stopped?

or is the top ball skipping so it cant fling out

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What troubles?

The top ball goes out but the second pushes it

Whats giving you trouble implementing it

You can also use nylon ropes as sideguards.