A double parking vex turning point robot ideas

Hello, my team has been exploring a dr4b, and we have consulted other teams at our school but it seems too wobbling to be feasible for posting caps. Our competition is this Saturday, so our options based on what we know are to build a launcher(flywheel or puncher), or building a new lift, in which we know how to do the latter quickly and well. We had an idea for making our robot hold other robots on our alliance that would double park, and we have designed something to block the other alliance from parking. We were wonderin* if this is a good idea, and if it would be feasible. Any help is appreciated!

A mechanism to lift another robot is a very hard feat to accomplish, in NBN lifting your partner was the end game and only a few top teams could consistently pull it off. If you only have a few days left i would not recommend building a robot lifter and would instead focus on building a good shooting robot and making sure you can drive it well and have decent autons.

It is perfectly possible to do such, (also, why is this categorized as IQ general discussion?), I would recommend either creating your robot with your ideal alliance/sister team such that both can fit on the platform at once, remember that the robot can be over the edge it just has to be not touching the ground or another platform. If not, then I would find some way to make a locking system that would use one motor to turn a L shaped bracket to lock around another robot to help support it. It may look impossible, but you can test this yourself with a friend if you stand in the same 6 inch by 6 in square, hold hands, and lean backward, if done correctly, the support keeps you from falling.

Our thought was that we could deploy a ramp since we would completely remove our current lift, and have our alliance partner climb on so we could secure them. We would also have mini cap flippers, on the sides. Different than parking on a 16 by 16 robot I believe.

have you tried cross bracing your lift

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Anyway, note that lifting up a partner robot while your robot is center parked would not necessarily mean that your partners are center parked as well. The partner robot would have to be contacting the center platform while still remaining under the 18" height constraint (emphasis mine):

Center Parked – A Robot status. A Robot is Center Parked when it is:

  • Contacting the Center Platform.
  • Not contacting any Alliance Platform.
  • Not contacting the foam field tiles or white tape.

<SG2> Robot expansion is limited once the Match begins. As per <G3>, at the beginning of a
Match, each Robot must be smaller than a volume of 18” (457.2 mm) long by 18” (457.2 mm) wide
by 18” (457.2 mm) tall.

  • Once the Match begins, a Robot which is contacting the Expansion Zone may expand
    vertically with no height limit. However, once fully outside of the Expansion Zone (i.e. no
    longer contacting it), the Robot must return to a height limit of 18” (457.2 mm) tall.

So since some part of the lifted robot must be touching the center platform, and the robot must stay under 18" total height, the combined height of both robots would need to be less than 18", which I think is relatively unlikely to be the case in most matches.

my advise, go launcher. lifts aren’t viable as a scoring method. I’d do a simple puncher.

Yes, this was not effective as parts of the dr4b got in the way or it made the entire lift extremely heavy and non-viable

What have you done to brace the towers

We have braced both sections of the dr4b in the only places possible given our motors are not exposed, and the towers both vertically, and diagonally. While all possible braces are on it is a bit more sturdy, but it is way too heavy to be viable, and furthermore creates too much tension between parts of the dr4b then is comfortable, for purposes of needing to changes things like motors last minutes. We have considered different spacing however, and we were also wondering if a certain spacing works better with dr4bs, since we feel our spacing is within a minimax principle.

If you are still on double parking, I might suggest a ramp for another robot to half climb so that they are still on yellow or use some sort of hook that allows you to hang off each other on the platform.

Make your robot small enough to park so that one side is hanging off the platform but not touching the lower one. Then your partner can park normally

Another way you could double park would to push a cap right next to platform and then have your robot hang halfway on the platform halfway resting on the cap. It qualifies as a park but it takes some practice.

The cap thing is really hard. Early season, I had a hook to grab my alliance and haul them up to the top platform with me. It was actually pretty cool, but I never really got a chance to use it, and promptly took it off as soon as I needed the motor (or rather the port, because I don’t have power expanders, and the V5 switch was coming up, so there wasn’t a point in. Buying some).

It just folded into the robot, and then swung out to hook onto an open spot in the alliance’s chassis. I had a little extension I could ask them to screw onto their frame if need be, but, as I said, I never really used it.