A dumb question about RobotC firmware upgrade

So I just upgraded my computer to the latest RobotC, version 4-something. I wrote a program using it and tried to download it to a Cortex that had been previously used with RobotC version 3-something. When trying to download my program written in RobotC, version 4-something, I got an error message saying I should upgrade the Cortex’s firmware.

So here’s my question: does such a firmware update need to be done only on the Cortex? Or do I also have to upgrade firmware in the joystick controller?

Last February, I upgraded all our joysticks to work with the new white keys, the 2.0 VexNet keys. Do I need to upgrade the joysticks again?

How many firmwares are there, anyway? :confused:

Unless I’m mistaken there is three firmware “locations” which are the controller, master cpu for the cortex , and the slave cpu on the cortex which robotC wants you to upgrade. You do not have to upgrade any thing. If you choose not to update new features will not work properly. If there is no new updates you need you will not notice a reason you need to upgrade the controller firmware. I wouldn’t stress out about upgrading the controller if the vex net 2 keys already work.

The latest firmware was released in April, V4.22 for both cortex and joystick.


When using ROBOTC the term “firmware” can become a bit confusing. As discussed in the past, the cortex contains two different micro-controllers. The firmware in the above link is loaded onto the master processor and controls things like VEXnet. The user processor is where all of the code we write executes, however, when using ROBOTC our software consists of two parts. A ROBOTC firmware which is first downloaded that then allows downloading of the code we write. Every version of ROBOTC has a new version of the ROBOTC firmware, so when you upgrade ROBOTC you will almost certainly have to download the ROBOTC firmware onto the user processor. The master firmware is updated much less frequently, however, when new products such as VEXnet 2.0 are released they usually need that to be updated as well. When the cortex master firmware is updated you usually have to update the joystick as well.

So, for ROBOTC V4.26
master firmware should be 4.22 on both cortex and joystick.
robotc firmware should be 1026
VEXnet 2.0 keys should be on V1.43

Man, you ain’t kidding. All of this makes me feel like an imbecile. :frowning:

Okay, I think that part simply means I need to click on RobotC’s “Upgrade Firmware” button.

Okay, I think this master firmware was updated back in February, perhaps even again at Worlds. So I’m guessing I don’t have to mess with that or the joysticks anymore. I’ll give it a try and see which parts starts smoking first.

Thanks, guys. :slight_smile:


If you were at worlds you probably have the latest master firmware, we updated about 99% of the teams there.

That’s good to know. Also, thanks very much for the screen shot - until you provided that, I wasn’t 100% sure what you meant by 1026. :slight_smile: