A few questions about the game rules

So I have read through the rules a few times and I can’t find anything addressing several things but it is possible I have just either missed them or was looking in the wrong place. Also, there is one thing that I need clarification on, so if anyone can answer any of my questions it would help a lot.

Questions I can’t find information on

  1. Are there any rules this year regarding descoring objects this year, and if so what are the rules and where can I find them?

  2. If an object is in the goal, but it is right on the edge (basically has the possibility of it falling) is it against the rules to bump the poll, that the high goal sits on, in an attempt to cause the sack to fall?

**Clarifications of the rules

  1. In the rules it says:
    [FONT=“Georgia”]"<SG7> Robots are not permitted to break the plane of their opponents Alliance Starting Tile during the
    Autonomous Period. Violations of this rule will result in the offending Alliance automatically losing the
    Autonomous Bonus and the offending Robot being disabled"[/FONT]
    Does this mean that during autonomous mode a robot is not aloud to cross over to the other side of the troughs or am I misinterpreting what it is saying? Also if I am correct and you aren’t allowed to go onto the other side, once driver control starts are you then allowed to?

  2. Since this year the floor goals are the starting tiles, if you have sacks on the starting tile and you park your robot on the tile to get the bonus for parking, if a robot is on top of any sack does that sack not get counted as scored because it is in contact with the robot or does this rule, [FONT=“Georgia”]“For a Scoring Object to count under either clause, it must remain in a Scored position, if/when all
    Robots were removed from the field. (i.e. The Scoring Object must not be supported by the Robot.)”[/FONT]
    mean that it will still be counted?

If anyone can answer any of my questions it would really help :wink: Thanks!

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people need to chillax with the questions!

unofficial answers

  1. YES! Karthik himself said that “descoring is back!” during the game reveal…
  2. not with a person…
  3. “***Alliance Starting Tile ***” just dont go over their colored mats in auton and your fine
  4. just dont touch the sacks and you’re good
  1. Anything not explicitly forbidden is allowed. Descoring is mentioned in the rules, though, and is permissible.

  2. As far as we can tell, you can bash the pole, assuming the intent is not to break the pole or high goal. That one needs official answer, though.

  3. You can go under the trough at any time. The alliance starting tile is the colored one.

  4. Scoring will have to be done after all robots are removed from the field this year, because game objects cannot be supported by the robots. Therefore, this question is moot.

Descoring is allowed in all cases.

You cannot do anything that has a risk of damaging the field, but I expect gentle bumping will be fine (we’ve yet to get an official ruling on this).

You cannot cross over their colored starting tiles, but you can still go to the other side of the field

Scoring clause 1. a. (For a Scoring Object to count under this clause, it must not be touching a Robot of the same color as the Goal) only applies to the High Goals and the Troughs, not to the Floor Goals, so as long as the sack is touching the starting tile and no other tiles, it is scored.

Why is this integral here?

*Edit: I see a few people have beaten me to it…

  1. Thanks, I wasn’t at world so I didn’t hear him say that
  2. What I mean is using the robot to bump the pole. I am just not sure if that would be considered harming a field element
  3. Thanks, I didn’t realize it said Starting Tile, I’m assuming that the rule is to prevent robots from attacking other robots that don’t move during autonomous then?
  4. I’m going to try to avoid it as best i can, but I just want to make sure I know what exactly the ruling should be because a few times last year my team ran into a few problems due to incorrect information from referees, so the better I know the rules the less likely things like that will happen

Thanks! I think anything i had questions on have been answered :smiley:


the integral was there because my team’s name is Integral e to the x times y, but unless people see that it looks like as an equation people don’t get that it is a math joke

You left off the variable of integration though, so the expression is meaningless. Is it ∫e^xy dx ? ∫e^xy dy ? ∫e^x*y dt ? You see my point.

It’s cheating to arrange mathematical symbols so that they look like they spell a word if the arrangement doesn’t have any mathematical meaning :p.

∫e^x*y dx could be taken the wrong way though, so maybe it’s better to just leave off the parameter of integration.

  1. Yeah sometimes if they don’t say you can’t, then you can, but other times if they don’t say that you can, then you can’t.

  2. Yes, it helps to prevent damage during autonomous, although I’m not sure on whether that’s the whole reason though.

Descoring is back!!!


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just ask karthik from now on about any rules on the Q&A.


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