A few questions.

i’m a new user to vex and am here to ask a few noob questions!
1st of all i recently bought a vex cortex starter kit and have started learning easy C v4 for cortex. lately I’ve been wandering how do i assign a motor/servo
to the buttons and triggers of the joystick? is there a tutorial I’ve missed or is there somewhere else i need to look?

Also, does any brand of servos work with the cortex? specifically Hitec servos?
i have a few and would like to use them if possible.

Thanks! Any help would be great!

Welcome to Vex…

Have you looked at the Samples and Tutorials in the EasyC 4.x folder?? The first time you run EasyC, it sets up some Samples and Tutorials examples as Source Code Files.

You can use the simple SetMotor command ( Motor Module, under Outputs ) to set One Motor to a Value, a Variable ( which would have been assigned from the Joystick ) or use the Joystick Arcade or Tank functions that do it all for you.

IIRC, the Vex Servos are a Futaba Servo that work in a common way with other servos… Look at Threads like, Non-Vex Servo.