a FVC team's hardest decision

I was wondering… Lets say you are the second ranked team at your regional just after the qualification matches and its time to pick alliances. If the first seed team asked you to be on their alliance, would you do it? Take into mind the slight possibility of you not making it to the world championship, even if you do win. and also you may be able to beat your opponet with a well picked alliance (if another team dosent pick the two people you want first)

always a toughy, hmm… id go with the attempt of atlanta

I’d probably accept the first seed. However that’s only because there is no way my team can afford to go to Atlanta, that and two of us are on an FRC team that attends so we couldn’t be with the FTC team.

yah if you know you can go to atlanta then definitly accept the first seed option, so ask yourself (and your team!) can your team make the commitment, and get the travel fees? if so go for atlanta! oh and calculate your odds about beating the first seed alliance!

I would definately decline it. I would much rather go to Atlanta then get a pat on the back from the team who picked us.

though i’m not on a VEX team this year, in this situation, i’d advise my team to go for the atlanta option
because the way the tournament is set up, the 1st seed and the 2nd seed are in COMPLETELY different brackets

if the first seed was a very formidable team, they would have to go through the 8th seed and either the 4th or 5th seed depending.

though you’d have to battle it through the 7th seed and either 3rd or 6th seed - depending - its a pretty decent chance [if all other seeds are also decently good]

We had a similar situation in the Ontario FTC regional.

  1. Simbotics
  2. Blizzard B
  3. Elinor
  4. Us

1 picked 2, and 2 accepted. Then 3 picked us, and we chose to decline and make our own alliance in hopes of going to Atlanta. We had a fairly decent alliance, but lost to 1 and 2. Still, I liked our decision, at least we become finalists.

We had this exact situation in Ohio. We were the second ranked team and knew that the first ranked team, Overdrive, was thinking about choosing us. Basically we looked at it with this view, which alliance would give a us a better chance to win. We knew that if we went with overdrive we would win, but we didn’t know if we went against them if we would win and there is nothing for the runner up so we went with overdrive.

I think the decision is based on playing level of the other teams (not one and two). I you have lets say 3 robots dominating the entire competition, and the first seed alliance asks you, you already know the next team they will pick will be that other dominating team. But if you have four good teams… it makes things all the sweeter. Then even if the first seed picks that other robot, you still have another great robot to choose.

im glad this happened because i got bumped up from 11th place to the 8th alliance captain:D

Thats exactly how we got killed at our competition. There were three exceptional robots at the toronto competition, and two were already in an alliance together. We really couldn’t find another good scorer team to pick so we went with a nice defensive bot.

I have a feeling that most (if not all) of the #2 teams on the winning alliances will make it to Atlanta in the lottery situation. I think most (if not all) of the #3 teams will NOT make be selected in the lottery. This should factor into your decision too. I’d rather be the #2 team on an alliance that I am sure will win than to make my own alliance and have a 50/50 chance or less to win.

There are around 30 regionals. I believe there to be 100 teams to attend worlds.

60 inspire and captains.

Means that there are 40 spots availible for draft. Considering FIRST often invites foreign countries to participate, this leaves around 30 spots, enough for all of the second pics. Theres my take on the situation. Of course the 100 teams for the world championships is just an estimate.

yea they try to keep it around 100 every year, thats why they even started the lottery, 30 regionals and 4 teams can’t go from each regional.

Don’t forget, though, some teams are captains AND win the inspire award. This would open up even more spots. Also, not all teams will go to Atlanta, thus opening more spots

They are going to be picking from both the FIRST and SECOND tier lottery.

WRONG: See below.

Fortunately this is not the case.

Hmmm, do they keep changing that on me? It seems I’ve read it 3 or 4 times and it’s been different each time. Oh well thanks for correcting me.

This is the way I have understood it since it was announced, so I don’t think they’ve changed anything. This is why I have been guessing that most or all of the #2 teams on the winning alliance will be able to go, but very few of the #3 teams will be able to go.