A good claw design for IZ

So my teammates and I were discussing some good claw design and we came up with the idea of C-Channel cut into 6 parts with 3 parts of the 6 cut on each arm of the claw. The 3 parts would be connected by 4 gussets (2 on the top and 2 on the bottom of the arm of the claw). Then each arm would be connected to 2 gears with one motor.

(By the way, should we use 2 motors or 1? We currently only have 1, but if necessary we can bump up to 2.)

Thanks. :dropmic:

Definitely 1, the less motors you use here the more you can use to bump up your drivetrain and lift speed, both of which are far more important.

Drivetrain? What is that?

:notlikethis: My team leader just used Aluminum for the base :smiletear: :smiletear:

are you ok? is this a stroke?