A Good Starter Kit

So my school is trying to figure out what kinds of parts would be “good”/essential for a team to be able to start building their ITZ robot. I would appreciate it if anyone could post a list of what they think a team needs. The more responses the better.

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A good place to start would probably be taking a look at OSIZR and its bill of materials (BOM).

you just beat me to posting that. But yea that is an awesome resource for new and experienced team

Would sensors fall into the realm of “parts”?

Attached is a pretty bare bones parts list I wrote for new teams from my school. It assumes you have no parts and are looking for a normal competition robot without any crazy features or insane metal requirements. I believe it’s about $2000. (Sorry in advance if the formatting got screwed up.)

Good luck!
Parts List For New Teams.docx (16.6 KB)

Heard another good recommendation on OSIZR!

I have an interactive Excel spreadsheet that is aimed at teams that want a quality parts kit, attached. You can use the “Actual” column to override the “Typical” default setting. I’ve not tested this in anything other than Excel, but it might work if you converted it to Google Sheets.

This is a generic planning document. I cannot recommend specific parts for your ITZ robot because that will be determined by your design. Have you finished your game analysis and design yet?
Robot Mesh Parts List for new VRC team 20170706.xlsx (22.8 KB)

Yay I don’t have to plug my own thing!

Do you have a budget or any parts already?

In general, I would strongly advise staying away from any of the premade vex robot kits (because you will get a lot of useless junk that no one hardly ever buys) and instead order a big list of parts like everyone here is suggesting.

Also, I recommend going all aluminum and staying away from steel. It may seem like a nice way to save money, but in a couple years (or probably sooner) you will have a box of steel that no one wants to use and you’ll be upgrading to aluminum. Just make the investment upfront.

A little bit of steel is sometimes needed for thing that will bend otherwise… But yeah, mostly it will just sit unused.

Check on robot events for organizations that give grants to new teams. For example, all 3 of our teams got a $1500 grant from Palmetto Partners, through the RECF and RE

A great suggestion, one that I make frequently. Here is the link to the REC Foundation Grants page.

Thanks! I couldn’t find that link :wink:

Can we expect that you kind members will compose an updated list with V5 components in mind?