A Impossible But Possible Situation

So this came to me during a competition before alliance selection. So basically the scenario was the first 8 alliance captains pick their first picks. Then when the first alliance captain goes back for their 2nd pick what if… every team rejects… I am familiar with the process that if a team rejects, they are done for the rest of the comp. Because of this most teams will accept. So if every team rejected the first alliance captain’s request, what would happen. Would it be just a 2v2 elimination bracket? Has this every happened to anyone who was at a comp with enough teams for 3v3 but ended up 2v2?

If you read the Official Q&A, then you’d know that that’s an actual possibility.

Yes, this is exactly what would happen in the scenario that you described. And I highly doubt anyone has/will ever experience this.

Situation 3.
In your case, there would be 8 teams of 2.