A little for teams still using cortex

I just wanted to put this out there for the team that are waiting for their V5 kits to come. Although there are some bugs, it is miles better than Cortex, there isn't any vex-net issues, everything is way faster, and there aren't issues with bad motor controllers or y cables. It really does help out a lot.
That being said, if you are waiting for your kits, if you have a cortex, try and make your robot as good as you can, and if you don't work as much as you can on prototyping a robot so you can install V5 and go.

Yeah that’s what our team is doing. We really wish we could have the opportunity to work with the new system. The competition has proven to be quite challenging for us with the cortex since everyone doing well on robot performance is on v5 here. Most of the teams in fact have the v5 here (like a little more than 50 percent or more I’m not sure the exact number). But it’s cool seeing other people succeed with the v5 and its capabilities even if we aren’t going to have that opportunity too. Thanks for acknowledging us though!

a little warning, the motor mounting hole ends break off extremely easy. That said, V5 is worlds better than cortex in terms of performance.

Just to be divisive, I’ll say what’s happening with me. I have V5, but I’m sticking with Cortex for this part of the season. Despite V5’s strength advantage, I know Cortex better, and understand its bugs and flaws.

I will be switching at some point, though. Be it this season or next.

waiting for v5, but not expecting to make the switch until next season.