A Meta-Analysis of Zone Based Scoring

It’s been a while since I’ve been on the forums. During that time, I’ve been mentally deconstructing every design class so far, and have found a 4 part table which classifies every bot. (Or multidimensional ven diagram)

On the Y axis, we have zone intake ability; on the X axis we have zone outtake ability. A chart roughly looks as so:

From what I’ve seen, some of these quadrants have “kings” already.
NN (Near to Near) is dominated by pushbots at the moment.
FN (Far to Neat) is dominated by simple forks/backwards claws.
FF (Far to Far) is dominated by more advanced dumpapult systems. (Or our bot because 8 motor lift)
NF (Near to Far) seems to be the only design absent from here.

Thoughts? What bots can effectively score in multiple quadrants? I foresee the ultimate bot to be able to score well in all four quadrants. Any ideas (aside from my own :p) what it may look like? Or am I way off base with this?

Reverse dumps can easily score in all quadrants? What are you talking about?

If game objects are in the near zone, it is far more practical to use a claw to get them over the fence. If game objects are in the far zone, it is far more practical to use a reverse dumper. Dumps do not work well in NN or NF quadrants, because after intaking the bot must turn around to dump.

Not easily, but effectively.

If you mean standoff type yes, but claw reverse dumpers easily hit fat zone

True, but reverse claws have the same problem as dumpers in the NF quadrant – you have to turn around.

Yes, but you have to raise the lift anyways, so if your turning while lifting you get similar times, +farzone 90%of the time

  1. Can you confirm this with video? What tends to happen, while turning, is the game objects’ inertia pulls them to a different path than where the bot wants them to go. This causes inefficiencies.
  2. While turning and lifting, the opponent could dump objects behind your bot. This causes all sorts of problems if #1 occurs.
  1. no becauase none of my teams have forward dumping 1:7’s without rubber bands, which is as close to my bot as you get, and my robots not quite dont yet,(wiring) im not 100% sure what you mean by what tends to happen?
    2)im not quite sure what you mean, but after you dump you immediately go down right on top of them, and scoop them back up, reverse dumpers excel in farzone to far/near zone engagements, because they dont have to turn.
  1. The game objects typically fall off the lift, off the side. (Speaking from a 1:5 speed)
  2. I mean reverse claws taking objects from the near zone, not far zone.