A "More Secure" Robot

I was looking around the forums here, when I found “Ptd 2010” by smartkid. I didn’t know what a nylock nut was, so I looked in my toolbox and played around with it. I found out that if you use a motor screw with it, it is very, VERY secure. It also does not strip the screw, or the nut. Anyone else agree with me? (Note, I am new to this)

They are not designed to hold motor screws and will not help them remain secure.

there suppost to hold the normal sized screws. they should fall out if use with the motor screws…

Can you please explain to us exactly how you did this, or give us a picture of what it looks like? The locknuts go with the 8-32 (regular) screws, and are used like keps nuts, except you you use them if you really want the robot to hold together, or for holding together a joint that will move. From my understanding you are using 6-32 (motor) screws with the lock nuts, yes? This should hold together somewhat, but not robustly. It will come apart, as the only part holding the screw onto the nut is the nylon “locking” stuff, and not the threads.

I don’t know if they’re doing the same thing as us, but on occasion for various reasons we’ve used them with motor screws by turning the nylock backward (so the screw goes into the nylon rather than the threaded metal)

hmm, if it indeed holds tightly, then that is a good trick…