A new alliance... APPLICATIONS OPEN!

Today I would like to introduce a new alliance to everyone. Neighbors by Night.

Our goal is to create a smaller community of highly driven teams so that everyone can improve at an exponential rate.

What makes us different to other alliances? All of the other alliances close off their applications after a period of time. Some alliances don’t even have applications. We would like to change this, and never close our application. If you get rejected, we will tell you and try to help you improve so you can get accepted into the alliance.

Our current members include:

  • 311X
  • 1727G
  • 1961Z
  • 6030J
  • 21000C
  • BCUZ
  • EZ
  • XD

Link to our discord.
Link to our application.
Link to our instagram.

We hope to see you in the neighborhood.



What’s an alliance? I’ve seen many alliances but never know what they are.


They are groups of teams who all work together and give support to each other to make everyone more competitive.


Kinda like this forum?


People tend to be more open with their ideas in alliances because it’s usually a pretty closed off space for people to develop those ideas.


I would like to say this is what the forum is about. Sharing ideas.

So, the question is do you really need “alliances”? Are you truly “better”?

The answer for both should inform teams about where to seek ideas and opinions from!


Oooo let me answer, no alliances don’t help, they just divide the already small communities into little groups.


Lol, once you join an alliance you will feel special!


This sounds like an awesome alliance! I would absolutely love to apply. Also, what came from the name “Neighbors by Night” ?

I want to make things a bit clear for some teams on this forum.
First of all, there is a difference between alliances and this forum. To elaborate:

  1. Almost all alliances are ran off of a chatting service, so you can send and receive continuous information, regardless of length or amount, without worrying about causing trouble to the public.
  2. Alliances provide more emphasis for your team, so you can improve upon yourself as a whole.
  3. Scrimmages! You can seriously take advantage of alliances by hosting scrimmages and going to scrimmages of a community that is centered upon teams like you.
  4. Everyone within alliances become your friends, and you are part of a tight and closely-knit group that you can never get from a public place. In addition, you improve as everyone around you improves besides you.
  5. When within a small group of people, you will start to understand when and when not a discussion is serious. This is helpful when you want answers that are trusted.
  6. Security, which will allow you to see others designs so your team can improve while others improve by hearing your ideas as well. Think of it as a continuous exchange that covers your weaknesses.
  7. Once the alliance gets big enough, and you and many others qualify for the world championship, holy hell it is a blast to go to places together, eat pizza together, and enjoy time together with everyone that you recognize.

So, in my personal opinion, I would like to ask “Why aren’t you a part of an alliance” and “Why don’t you find a close-knit of friends that you can hang around with and have fun with?”

If you do not know how to get in one, you can always make one :slight_smile:


My team would love to join! we are the Tacocats.

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Do you have to be in the same comunity to join

No, absolutely not! 20

Are you still accepting teams?
And how do you reply to the applications so that I can watch for a reply? Thanks!

It’s probably by discord or email.

Oh I didn’t see that, thanks!

They also generally get to see leaks of the other teams robots on the alliance.