A New Way To Negate XD

This is what happens when you combine our rambunctious driver, our powerful robot, and a 30" goal fastened with only 1 bolt!


We’re in the blue isolation zone. I was coaching this match… the driver didn’t listen when I said “NO DON’T TIP THE GOAL!” Fortunately, the head ref un-DQ’d us after he realized that the goal only had 1 bolt. We then asked some of the tournament staff to fix both of the tournament’s fields, which took 4 engineers about half an hour…

Nice job. Never seen a judge ask a team to take their robot off the field mid-match.

Yeah, he assumed that his colleagues had bolted the goal on with four bolts, so he thought that our robot had broken the field. That would’ve violated a lot of Game rules and Robot rules, so he told us to take our apparently illegal robot out of the match.

Did I see a Pi-lon? :slight_smile: Their robot is incredible… (they came to VMAC)

On topic:

  1. Way cool robot. I’m certainly going to try to stop by your pit and see it.
  2. Was that declared a field fault and replayed, or did they just leave the match result as-is?


You saw several pilons. That tournament was in early January, so the Pilons’ robot was not quite as fast or efficient as they would’ve wanted. They were the 8th Seed Alliance captains, and they wanted to pick us as a second pick, but we were the 17th-ranked team, so the 2nd alliance got us first. We had a qualification match allied with them. We declared ourselves the Neon Orange Alliance, because of the color of our shirts. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have any videos of that match…

  1. Thank you! It’s much more effective when it plays in the Interaction Zone. Its name is Steve The Scissor Lift (can be shortened to Steve or S.T.S.L.).
  2. They just left the results as-is (which was fine with us, since we won). :slight_smile:

Thats one of the weirder things ive seen happen in all my years of vex! congrats i guess!

Thanks! It’s up there for us, too! Although, we have another video that we haven’t uploaded yet that’s pretty odd as well. It features a holonomic NZ bot that ends the match half-tipped over inside a goal.

i have seen things like that happen before, but id like to see your video of it as well.

Okay, I’ll try to get that uploaded to youtube this week.