A nice strategy for College team? XD

I have watched this video a year before and I just found a Youtube page of it.

It can be a very nice strategy in autonomous for college teams lol


Do you mean capping all the goals?

I think that would work. IF you can cap VERY fast, then I would go for it :smiley:

quickly score all the three high goals on your side before the opponent robot, and cap ALL the 6 high goals in the middle, then the match is yours.

Yes, then for sure the match would be yours :smiley:

I really like the College layout this year. I wish I could compete in it :stuck_out_tongue:

Capping goals would be nice to get consistent. My team capped the centre goal in autonomous the other day…

I talked to the rest of my team in the summer about doing that. We didn’t though because they thought it was too crazy of an idea. Too complex they said… :rolleyes:

oh well, perhaps next year.

Oh by the way, there is a new 4886A teaser video coming soon.

Where can we find the video? Is there an estimated time of release?

Bandito or I will post it on the forums when we are ready. It will probably be within a few days. We have a video now but I think it reveals a little too much, so we will probably make another one to release. The existing one will be released a couple days before worlds.

Tis on my laptop… it does reveal too much xD