A nubie needs HELP with gearing


Not sure how that would work.
Going to have to research a bit.
Thank you,



Oh, if just 13 deg and a prototype, then it is really simple. You don’t need no gears, just a few sticks and the screws.


The black dot is your center around which the red things rotate.

The blue stick is screwed to the center. It shouldn’t move.

The brown stick rotates on a screw around the other end of the blue stick.

And two green sticks each attached with two screws at the ends.

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I need some clarification.
The red lines will rotate about the canter green gear either together or apart.
The 1 By’s have swivels on each end,
1 attached to the gear and the other attached red line.
My question is is the gear mounted stationary affixed to the top and bottom,
or does it rotate on a center axle?
A little more detail would be appreciated.
Sorry for the ignorance on my part on this, like i said I’m a nubie at this.