A potential method of getting the maximum high school Gateway score

AURA was wondering today whether there was a feasible way to get the maximum possible score in Gateway. This is what we came up with, for the high school game:

This is 19 objects, doubled for 40 points. Each of the five levels above the goal rim has three objects. There are only three balls left to score; it’s possible that you could add them as another level but we tried a couple of times and couldn’t get it to balance. The pictured way of doing it balanced pretty well, and if you take out the layer of three balls the tower is surprisingly robust. These were also very shiny, slippery new objects.

To score the maximum that a team can score who doesn’t steal the other doubler, you need to get the other three balls into bonus positions (for 46 points). To get the maximum possible score, you need to get the other three balls into bonus positions and then double one of those goals (for 48 points).

We also tried a stacking method that used four objects per level, but it didn’t work as well.

Of course any version of this would be tricky to pull off, but it would be awesome to see someone try :).

Unfortuntely College doesn’t have any flat-topped goals, so things like this would either be much more difficult or not possible at all :(.

Haha, thats funny. One of the teams at my school just tried this tonight. Good luck actually doing it, though.

Yeah I thought of this (well we got the idea from the 1107b teaser thread,) and tried it about 2 weeks ago.
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Here is a link if the embedding didn’t work

If you try that in a match, you’d better defend it well. You’d definitely lose if the other team knocked all of the pieces off the top of the goal, and then negates the balls inside.

^very true

did you make your field yourself?
the brackets look different and is that a hinge?

I think murdomeek was referring to the original picture about the field, and yes, it does look different. Oh, and in response to your question about the shininess of our objects on another thread, they were brand new.

ya sorry, im asking about Vex Mundi’s field

It’s not actually ours, we were visiting MITE. They are a new college team from Manukau Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand. Yes, their field perimeter is a DIY one and yes, that’s a hinge. Whoever made it did a really good job, it’s a lot sturdier than the normal field perimeter and it folds up nicely.

It looks like the field sides that we used last year that was set up at Massey University. I agree, it was great and it folds up very nicely. Its VERY quick to set up/dismantle.

However, we found that because of the brackets, the heights for the tall goals (from Round Up) were a bit different and descoring was more of a challenge, with our descore forks getting stuck underneath it.

Overall though, it certainly is a very nice field!!

Perhaps this stack is only practical for skills competition.
It seems easy to defend against, since a few whack against the wall will likely dislodge it. Whether this is good sportsmanship is in the eye of beholder.

For VRCC (College), you could try balancing a barrel on each of the poles, to make a flat top, and then build a centered pyramid (or just a tall stack) to keep the first layer from tipping outwards.
I was unsuccessful in the 5 minutes I spent trying.

or you can “cap” all the goals and balance everything on top of that :stuck_out_tongue:

We tried this too. We were similarly unsuccessful.

Vex Mundi, I showed one of our dads your picture, and he basically had the same reaction as Telemascope. :smiley: We then came up with this:

dies How long did that take?!

Well, I think it was like this: I left to go to the bathroom, and when I came back, that’s what I saw! (Minus the doubler barrel. They were still working on that.)

Hahaha niceee

you guys probably haven’t looked at the definition of “scored” closely.

The Definition is anything that is inside the outer ring is scored, anything outside isn’t. Anything above the plane of the goal is counted as scored.