A potential method of getting the maximum high school Gateway score

Not exactly. Anything above the plane of the goal and partially within the outer ring of the goal is scored by clause 2, meaning it can be descored. Anything under the plane of the goal and completely within the outer ring of the goal is scored by clause one, meaning it cannot be descored.

Ah, okay thanks! I’ll have to look over the rules again.

ahh, a cheezy poof team member!
now that the definition has been established, you guys gonna try it? :wink:

Here’s what I think would be the most practical application of this idea:

*]your robot spends the first 2 minutes stacking up 8 barrels, 3 per level, in its (massive) manipulator, and doing whatever else it can to be helpful
*]at the 30 second mark, you match load the doubler, then three barrels on top of that, then three balls on top of that
*]your robot lifts the entire thing onto an 11.5" goal (preferably with two of your objects in it) and comes apart at the end of the match.

If successful, this brings the score for that goal to 34 (a 31 point swing). Meanwhile your partner has two barrels and six balls with which to do whatever else they can to help your alliance win (probably against a pretty hostile opposing alliance). I think a wallbot plus this could be pretty lethal, potentially in a “you literally can’t win” sort of way.

This only involves barrels as structural elements so it would be stable, and it doesn’t require very precise manipulation - just a stack holder that can lift the entire tower of objects twice to fit three more barrels underneath and once to put the stck on a goal.