A problem about Discs in Low Goal

In this situation, will the upper disc be counted ? Because it doesn’t touch the foam tile, so it is not as same as G.

Here is the rule for scoring in the low goal zone:


More specifically, where it says “At least partially contained within the vertical projection of the Low Goal (i.e., “breaking the plane” of the Low Goal)”. This means that any disc that is in the three dimensional space or volume of the low goal will be counted as scored, and the two discs in your image will count for one point each as long as they are not:

  • Fully supported by a robot of the same alliance (the robot is lifting the disc off the ground)
  • Touching tiles outside of the low goal zone
  • Touching the net
  • Touching the high goal

If any of the four bullet points are occurring, the discs will NOT count as being in the low goal. However, in the image you’ve shown, none of these bullet points are true, so the discs are scored.