A question about finding Vex YouTube videos

What is the best way to find every VEX Change Up YouTube video? I usually just search vex change up and filter by upload date, but quite a lot of the content is missed out.

That is usually the best way to find the Change Up videos. You can also try taking a look at the playlist I have linked.

Vex Change Up Videos


that’s exactly what i do too

the content you usually miss is unimportant stuff. also you should constantly check the forum because you can get a lot of ideas from it


usually searching vex change up for the last day will get you what you want. as well as a ton of completely unrelated videos that for some reason youtube thinks classify as vex change up videos.


for vex iq i searched up VEX IQ 2020-2021 robot reveal ( or robot design)

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u could always join vtow, the unofficial vex discord server. we talk about pretty much everything released related to vex; reveals, news, etc. u also have the opportunity to get leaks from high tier teams because it’s a pretty social platform


could you send the link pls


The unofficial discord server has a channel for reveals, as an addition you can add YAGPDB.xyz
in your own discord server, linking all VRC Youtube accounts to it to get a live feed of future uploads.Screenshot (1279)
Edit//: I have changed the channel permissions to be able to replicate the bots posts in different channels/servers. If anyone wants to use this as a resource DM me on discord and I can add this resource into your server.