A question about the Atlas Ball.

Could anyone possibly tell me aproximatley how much the Atlas Ball weighs when its fully inflated?

All of the technical guys at vexlabs are out for the day so I thought that maybe someone on the forum could help me. I was thinking about buying one and building a robot that could pick it up and transport it.


Dont even think about picking up an atlas ball(unless your making a bot thats way
over the size limits).

That type of robot has already been built but anyway the atlas ball is just an inflatable exercise ball.

I have an exercise ball and you would have to make a BIG robot to lift it.

Ok here’s the link to the picture. I think your wrong the robot does not have to be big to lift it.

That’s the picture that gave me the idea. I saw it one day last week while I was looking at the new pictures in the gallery.

It looks like they might have used a 35 x 35 chassis kit from vexlabs which I have. I am not on any team and this isn’t for any competition - I just thought that it migh something fun to try with the larger chassis kit.

But before I bought the ball, I wanted to find out how much it weighs. I was going to throw some parts together and see if it would even work. So that’s what I need need to know - how heavy is the ball.

Besides, my birthday is coming up and my mother has been bugging me for ideas. The Atlas Ball is only $6.99 on theVexlabs site so I figured that would be somthing not too expensive that she could get for me.

I weighed mine (gotten from VexLabs

Deflated and without the stopper, it is 2 pounds 12.6 ounces.

The mass is 1264 grams.

You will have to make your own guess about the weight of the compressed air the ball will hold when inflated.

FYI - It is a bit hard to get one inflated to the full 30" called for in the H-A-R game specs. If you don’t have a motorized air compressor handy, you might get a bit frustrated.

Also, I don’t think that VexLabs includes even a hand pump; so figure out how you will inflate it before you buy it…

Send us a picture when you are done,

Thanks for all of the information - my brother figures that the ball should weigh around 5lbs or less fully inflated which wouldn’t be too bad.

I was thinking about using an air compressor to inflate the ball, but if it is hard to inflate maybe I should re-think the whole idea. As I said, I just saw that picture in the gallery and thought it maybe fun to try and the ball wasn’t very expensive. But maybe it’s not such a good idea.

Anyone have any opinions - do you think that it would be worth trying?

I doubt it will weigh more than 3 lbs when inflated. The air in the ball won’t weight that much.

i agree
at the georgia regional’s practice field, i actually got to play around with the atlas for a little bit
and it was around
2-4 lbs max

If you have a compressor (other than your chest muscles and lungs) the ball will be easy to inflate.

Give it a try and post your results before the FVC Championships in Atlanta. Maybe one of the teams competing there will use your ideas…