A question about the scoring

Please everyone see the newest VEX-ROUND-UP-GAME-Manual.(updated on 12-7-10)
In the part of “Game Definitions”,it gives us the definition about the scoring.
So,my question is:in the right-down picture about the definition of scoring,if there aren’t the lower four tubes and the top tube was hooked on the top of goal post,is it considered to be scored?

As long as the inner-ring of the tube is around the PVC pipe goalpost, or the “tip” of the goalpost, or (if the "lip" of the movable weighted base is not making contact with the foam tile playing surface) any part of the projection of the PVC pipe goalpost would pass through the inner-ring of the tube, it would count as scored. This is clearly stated in the rules:


EDIT: Thanks to murdomeek for the corrections… :o

fixed for ya :wink:
almost got me confused there :wink: