A question about Zip Ties

Are zipties that are smaller than the ones that Vex sell okay to be used for mechanical purposes, I understand that they have to be identical, however I read something about the fact that friction matting can be smaller but still legal?

Becuase this post is under “VEX IQ General Discussion” I have to assume you are competing in VEX IQ making zip ties illegal. If you are not in VEX IQ and the topic was selected wrong, I belive smaller zip ties are legal in vrc

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Sorry, I accidentally added this post wrongly, but thanks for letting me know!

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Also, if the length is larger, but I cut them down to the same length as the Vex ones, is that legal?

Please refer to rule R6-g in the game manual. The word “identical” is pretty straight forward. It means “the same,” not “the same or smaller.” Non-identical could be used for wire management only per R8-f. Cutting long zip ties of an otherwise legal zip tie to a legal length would be fine. (We’re assuming the OP was meaning “smaller” not “shorter”).


R6-d also covers non-slip mat. Individual pieces of mat must not be larger than what VEX sells; however you can use multiple pieces or cut them smaller.


Ok, thanks

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So if the zipties were thinner than the Vex ones (it doesn’t exactly specify the width of the 11” ones) that wouldn’t be legal?

How am I meant to know if it is identical without even having them or the measurements?

The details about cable ties can be found on the VEX product pages (https://www.vexrobotics.com/zip-ties.html#attr-vex_size).

The 4" cable ties are commonly called “miniature” ties, having an 18 lb strength. Here’s a typical “identical” tie from a non-vex source: https://www.cabletiesplus.com/Departments/Cable-Ties/Miniature-Cable-Ties-(18-lb).aspx

The 11" cable ties are commonly called “standard” ties, having a 70lb strength. Here’s a typical “idential” tie from a (different) non-vex source: https://www.mcmaster.com/80005K52/

I highly recommend Robosource for all your cable tie needs, as you can’t go wrong for legal non-vex parts when ordering from them: https://www.robosource.net/19-zip-ties-velcro-anti-slip


What is the width of an 11” zip tie? I cant find vex info about it?

“Standard” cable ties are . 17" wide.

Having been an inspector for high school matches, I tend to use the common sense approach. Are the zip you are using functionally equivalent to the vex zip ties, or is there something special that could only be done with the ones you are using? If the answer is no, you probably don’t need to worry about zip ties.

Zip ties are unlikely to affect to the outcome of a match.


literally the only way to approach this type of question is by following the common sense rule, as @invalidflaw mentioned. there are sooooooooo many loopholes in the vex manual that could be exploited if it weren’t for basic common sense rulings
(i have a list of these rulings and they are fun to conceptually discuss but there are so many it would derail this thread lmao)

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You should start a thread on this for chit chat. I think it would be interesting

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I’d be a bit worried that someone would see it and miss the chit chat part
But that does seem quite funny

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@kmmohn: The 11’ VEX zip ties are rated for 30lbs. The ones you linked would not be legal.

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