A question for homeschooled teams

For anyone who’s on a team that’s not based in any school/organization:

Who keeps the trophies at the end of the season?

I would suggest keeping it at the place where the robot was built and worked on. Instead of asking who gets it, it’s now just a decoration in the work space!

Our individual teams usually keep them in their storage space for the season, then the team (as a whole) keeps them on a shelf in our workspace to display. Usually the team writes their names and year on the back.

The kids split all the trophies up amongst themselves at the end

We keep ours in our workspace.

The person who did the most work on one award gets the first one and then we just randomly choose people. So if one person writes the notebook they get the first design award(or their favorite one at the end of the season) and if another person programs then they get the same privileges for robot skills.

I’m a one person team so I keep all the trophies.

We keep them all at the shop. However, after 10 years as an organization finding space for all of them is getting difficult.

You can actually buy trophies and labels at the Vex store; in IQ one year we had won almost enough awards for everyone to have 2 to take home, so we just bought an extra one and some labels and re-labeled all of them for all of the things (mostly). There was a programming award that the main programmer kept, though. For bigger awards, I’ve had parents decide that they wanted to buy their kids a duplicate to keep (since the main one is always kept where the robot work is done at the coach’s house).

We will have our team names laser-engraved on the corresponding awards…but only for the ones where we remember who won it lol

We keep them in the work room, but that is our basement since our team is my sister and I.